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Eyecare Recruitment – formerly Optom Locum and Recruitment Service

A little more than 20 years ago, Phillip needed assistance at his OPSM store at Waringah Mall in Sydney but couldn’t find any optometrist locum agencies so decided to set up his own. Phillip Fent Locum Services was founded in 2001.

Phillip Fent Locum Services, then became Optom Locum and Recruitment Service and more recently, as we are now providing recruitment services to the whole Eyecare Profession, we have rebranded to Eyecare Recruitment. We are now the largest and most well known and trusted Eyecare specific recruitment service in Australia . We have more than 2000 registered candidates on our database and we have many long standing relationships with employers.

Phillip and Sally run the business from their office Melbourne.

Our Team

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Phillip Fent


Liette Zografos

Operations Manager and Recruitment Consultant

Leeza Williams

Business Development Manager and Recruitment Consultant

Mikaela Fent

Accounts Manager

Laura Keeling


Sally Fent


Testimonials from happy candidates

Su Ching Ong – Beach Optical by G&M Eyecare (Permanent Role)

Leeza is very professional, efficient and helpful. She has great knowledge of our optical industry and is very pro-active in helping optometrists find new opportunities. She took the time to find out exactly what I was looking and successfully found the perfect job for me. I would highly recommend Leeza for recruiting optometrists.

Shaina Zheng – Locum

I have been a locum with Optom Locum Service for just over four years, have been kept very busy and have been to many places throughout Australia. I have learned a lot about how different business models work and have met lots of wonderful people on my travels. I am kept busy with locums through OLS for as many weeks a year as I want. I get excellent support from all the team at OLS. They have given me many opportunities that I am extremely grateful for.

Ashleigh Peters – Locum

I have worked with Phillip Fent locum service for the past six months, providing cover for stores all around Australia. The past six months have been very life enriching, from exploring the country in Parkes, Goulburn, and Armidale, to exploring Australian Coastland in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Tuggerah-Central Coast, Hervey Bay, Cairns, and also working in cities like Perth, Canberra and Adelaide.

Every week is a new place to travel and is very exciting, that it doesn’t even feel like “work” anymore. In particular, Phill Fent locum service has been fantastic to work for as they are very organised. By emailing through the list of vacancies it provides optometrists with the freedom to select where and when they want to work, also providing flights and accommodation at attractive hourly rates . I highly recommend any Optometrist who is interested in locuming to work for Optom Locum Service.

Partners – Shirley Xu and Jason Ding – Locum

We have been with Optom Locum Service for over a year now. We have been kept busy throughout this time, and through the help of OLS, have been fortunate enough to travel to different locations across Australia together. We enjoy working with OLS as they are a professional and organised team. It can be difficult to find locations that require two optometrists, but OLS go that extra mile for us. Thank you!

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